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Track Your Shipment Metro Box Cargo Tracking System Online

Send parcels and packages to your loved ones in the Philippines with confidence! Metro Box Cargo now gives customers the option to track shipments online using a unique tracking code on the Metro Box Cargo website. The modern tracking system is the latest addition to Metro Box Cargo’s service enhancements to provide customers with fast, affordable, and reliable shipping to the Philippines.

The Metro Box Cargo team understands the need for a real-time tracking system to let customers know the current status of their shipment. With the Metro Box Cargo Tracking System, customers can share the tracking code to the designated recipient so they can keep tabs on the shipment and anticipate the delivery date of the package.

Metro Box Cargo is a company built with strong Filipino roots. We genuinely understand that Balikbayan Boxes are not just a piece of cargo that we haul to the Philippines; Balikbayan Boxes represent the message of love, thoughtfulness, and family that the Filipino culture is known for. With the Metro Box Cargo Tracking system, we provide our customers with the peace of mind knowing that the package they entrusted with us is always in the right hands.

Here are some features of the Metro Box Cargo Tracking System that you would definitely love:

Genuine tracking code

Metro Box Cargo provides every parcel and package with a unique tracking code to keep shipments organized. You can now keep track where each of your packages are going. Tracking codes can also be shared with your recipients so they are aware about the status of your shipment and anticipate the delivery date of your shipment. The genuine tracking code is an extremely helpful feature especially for customers in the United States who send multiple cargos to the Philippines. This way, you can keep track of what goes where, and who gets what.

Real-time update

The Metro Box Cargo Tracking System is updated every step of the way. Each time the cargo is being forwarded, the tracker is updated on our system in real-time. With the tracking system, you can plan your trips to the Philippines with ease, as you can send your Balikbayan Boxes in advance to avoid airline excess baggage fees. Real-time updates are also an important tool to organize your itinerary in the Philippines as it will provide information about the estimated delivery date, and current delivery status.

Easy-to-use interface

The Metro Box Cargo Tracking System is designed to be easy to use by anyone. No complex codes and fields to fill out. Simply enter your genuine tracking code to get the latest updates on your shipment. The interface is made to be simple and easy-to-use so customers can easily get the information they need from their cargo.

Customer support

Our tracking system comes with a customer support team that is ready to assist you with any problems or questions that you may have when using the new tracking system. Our customer support team is ready to assist you with website navigation, shipment tracking, delivery solutions, and inter-department coordination to ensure that your package is delivered.

The Metro Box Cargo team is always looking for ways to make door-to-door delivery simpler and more affordable for our customers. We understand that the value of the cargo we handle go far beyond its monetary equivalent, and our brand of personalized delivery services warranted an easy-to-use shipment tracking system that fosters trust and reliability for our services. You can count on the Metro Box Cargo team to continuously look for more innovative methods to change the way you send Balikbayan Boxes to the Philippines.

You can check out Metro Box Cargo’s Tracking system by visiting the TRACK link on our website. Simply enter the tracking code that you received from us to get the latest updates on your shipment. For more information about Metro Box Cargo’s services, visit our website at or call us at 1-855-355-6387.

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