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COVID and Cargo: What Will Happen to Your Shipments?

March 31, 2020 — COVID-19 is still on the rise with minimal signs of slowing down; with the United States having the most number of cases in the world, having a total of over 161,000. Sadly, California is one of the most affected states along with New York and Michigan according to the CDC. For stay updated, you can visit the CDC website here:

The Philippines, meanwhile, only has over 1,500 recorded number of cases nationwide. But despite the comparatively low number, Philippine Pres. Rodrigo Duterte has still imposed an enhanced community quarantine over the National Capital Region (NCR) to prevent the spread of the disease until mid-April. Currently, only one or two able-bodied members of a household are allowed to travel outside for necessities while the rest of the family remains inside the house.

This “new normal” has put everyone’s lives and businesses on hold—with a few exceptions.

Essential Businesses

While the majority of work and mass transportation has been suspended, industries who are still business-as-usual include hospitals, food and beverage establishments, supermarkets, banks, as well as cargo companies. These businesses ensure the steady flow of daily life outside so the rest of the world can stay safe at home.

The shipping industry in the United States and in Manila remains unhampered in spite of the health crisis.

“We let our drivers pick up here and deliver boxes there while practicing social distancing, washing of hands and wearing gloves and masks to protect everybody,” says Egay Tajonera, the owner of Metro Box Cargo. “Containers ship regularly out of the U.S.A. and arrive in Manila ports regularly.”

Although the Philippine government assured the free movement of cargo and trade deliveries in Luzon just 10 days ago, with all cargo trucks surpassing most PNP checkpoints and undergoing safety inspections, Metro Box Cargo and other companies encounter a minor setback in delivering packages to provincial areas. The strict community quarantine in Metro Manila and the precautions taken by the government causes a delay in travel.

Deliveries to provinces such as Baguio, La Union, Ilocos, Abra, Cagayan, Isabela, Quezon Province, among others are on a case to case basis. For any concerns regarding packages delivered to these areas, please feel free to give our Manila and U.S. offices a call today or reach out to us at

Rest assured that any packages sent will still find its way to your loved ones’ doorstep.

The New Normal

As the world waits for the coronavirus disease to wane, we must all do our part to contain its spread in the community and support health workers. Those who can work from home should stay in and make the most out of the given time until the government lifts the community quarantine. As devastating as the situation may seem, let us strive to find a silver lining and an avenue for growth regardless.

If productivity seems like an impossible dream or you’ve officially run out of things to do, try checking out these activities from USA Today, here:

The little sacrifices we make every day go a long way. And remember that the quarantine and lockdown won’t last forever so don’t over-stock or hoard. Let’s all think about one another and be patient and kind. Know that behind those numbers are people with loved ones.

A friendly reminder from us at Metro Box Cargo.

Safety Reminders

It’s important to take all health and safety reminders seriously for everyone’s health and welfare. People of all ages are susceptible to contracting the virus, not just the elderly so it’s best to heed all warnings regardless of how healthy you are.

To learn more about the raging pandemic and how to protect yourself against it, watch the World Health Organization’s video here:

Minimize outdoor exposure but if the need arises, always equip yourself with masks and gloves when going out of the house. Make sure to sanitize newly bought items to lessen the risks of exposure and religiously wash your hands after. For more information on proper handwashing, visit the CDC’s guide here:

If a package or delivery were to arrive at your doorstep, it’s still wise to keep your distance as much as possible and sanitize any packages that you receive before opening it. It can never hurt to be too cautious.

What Can We Do For You?

Pandemic or no, we at Metro Box Cargo will work tirelessly to deliver your needs. Our team of dedicated professionals is well taken care of in spite of the outdoor exposure by applying social distancing, by doing constant hand sanitation, and by using masks and gloves when traveling. We would like to take care of you, too.

Our service coverage centers around the whole San Francisco Bay Area including the San Francisco Peninsula, Eastbay, Southbay, Northbay to Tracy, Stockton, and Elk Grove, and the Greater Los Angeles Area, Modesto to Merced area. Our new branch at Tracy, CA also covers Lathrop, Manteca, Stockton, Lodi, Modesto, and Elk Grove.

Visit our page at to check out the services we provide. For inquiries, pick-ups, or updates, contact us now through our US office at 1-855-355-6387 and our Manila office at 374-930.

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