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5 Tips On Packing your Balikbayan Boxes The Right Way When Using a Freight Forwarding Service

At Metroboxcargo, we offer personalized door to door service for your balikbayan box. We take pride in meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers and we want to provide you with the best possible service.

To ensure that your balikbayan box and its contents arrive at its final destination intact, here are 5 tips on packing your balikbayan box the right way.

  • Use a sturdy heavy-duty box, such as one that your freight forwarding company provided. With metroboxcargo we provide double ply heavy duty boxes as our replacement boxes.

  • Packing Tape – use clear or transparent tape that is at least 2-3 inches wide. We strongly advise that you use this type of tape so that your box remains secure during transport and delivery to its final destination.

  • DO NOT USE Duct tape (grey, black) – this type of tape loosens in humid temperatures. Using duct tape will make your balikbayan box vulnerable to damages, which will make the box unsafe for the delivery crew to handle. Moreover, it is more likely that you may lose some of the box’s contents during transport.

  • DO NOT wrap boxes in plastic wrap. This practice will delay the delivery of your box to its final destination.

  • Line the inside with large heavy-duty plastic bags – It is good practice to do this order to prevent spillage, and keep contents clean and neat.

  • Secure and Protect Items

    • Tape bottle caps/covers of liquids such as shampoos.

    • Bubble wrap breakable and fragile items and, if possible, keep fragile items in their original packaging.

    • Position items such as clothing (jeans, sweaters), bed linens, coats and jackets between fragile ones so they are cushioned and snug against each other.

    • Tape the bottom and top parts of your balikbayan box, as well as all the edges.

  • Use common sense

    • Don’t overpack your box.

    • Avoid sending restricted items (provide link:

    • Complete fully all of the shipper’s documentation

    • List items you’ve packed so that you remember what’s inside your box. This is also good for insurance purposes, too.

    • Label your balikbayan box – write the recipient’s name and address neatly and legibly.

    • Include important information such as the recipient’s contact details (mobile phone, landline phone) and detailed description or map sketch if recipient lives in a hard to find location.

Follow these tips and you’ll be successful in shipping your balikbayan box safely so that your balikbayan box will arrive at its final destination intact every time.

Metro Box Cargo is a freight forwarding services company established in 2013 with two main offices/warehouses in the United States – in Hayward (northern California) and in Santa Fe Springs (southern CA), and one office/warehouse in Teachers Village in Quezon City in the Philippines.

Founded by Egay Tajonera, and his wife Mabelle, they are passionate in providing exceptional service to the Filipino community. Our company provides personalized, reliable, on-time customized door to door service for balikbayan boxes, container shipments, loose cargo, and odd-sizes shipments. We also offer vehicle shipping services for cars and motorcycles.

Our friendly and helpful staff, as well as our authorized agents, are available to assist you and answer questions you may have. Feel free to call or stop by our two main offices/warehouses, or at our six drop-off locations which can be found inside Island Pacific stores. Visit our website at for more details.


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