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Need Spare Parts? Ship Them with Us

One of the things that frustrate automobile and motorcycle owners the most is the need to find fairly-priced and reliable replacement parts for their vehicles. This is especially true for makes and models that are not so popular in the Philippines.

If you (or someone you know) are in the market for hard-to-find replacement parts, did you know that Metrobox ships spare parts, too?

Before making any purchase, here are some important considerations, rules and regulations to know before shipping spare parts for your automobile or motorcycle:

1. Drain all fluids especially those leftover from used engine parts. If at all possible, ensure to buy parts that are either brand new or certified reconditioned, and in their original packaging. If used, make sure that the parts are thoroughly clean and totally dry and devoid of any fluid. Additionally, do not send any liquids/products categorized as dangerous goods like engine oils and transmission fluids. Car batteries (even if they are sealed) are forbidden.

2. Below are popular replacement parts that can be shipped:

  • Brakes – brake pads, brake calipers, and rotors

  • Filters – oil filters, air filters, cabin filters, engine filters

  • Cooling and Heating – AC clutches and compressors, hoses and belts, thermostats

  • Ignition/Fuel – Spark plugs and spark plug wires

  • Electrical and Wiring – alternator, starter, switches, sensors, and relays

  • Lighting – headlights, fog lights, turn signal lights, bulbs

  • Steering and Suspension – ball joints, strut kits, sway kits, shocks kits, chassis

  • Accessories, Body and Wipers – floor mats, bug guards, washer pumps and repair kits

  • Tools – socket sets, wrench sets

  • Motorcycles – saddle seats, saddle bags, windscreen, exhausts

Depending on the parts’ size, they can be packed inside balikbayan boxes like the spark plugs and headlight bulbs. For larger and bulkier parts such as grilles and bumpers, these can be packed and priced separately, so check with us first so we can assist and provide a more accurate quote. Moreover, as an alternative, you can choose to ship spare parts together with your vehicle, such as in the vehicle’s backseat or trunk with the caveat that they can fit and do not obstruct the driver side area.

3. Shipping motorcycle parts are more or less similar with their four-wheeled counterparts and differ on these two criteria:

  • Chopped up motorcycle parts – these are parts that are illegally obtained and bought

  • Disassembled new or used motorcycles with the intent to reassemble once the parts reach their final destination

4. Retain original packaging whenever available and reinforce with additional padding or bubble wrap for added protection.

5. Keep all receipts (may be asked to itemize box contents with specified price of each part); spare parts are to be taxed separately, according to Philippine Bureau of Customs.

Wrapping up, getting those hard-to-find replacement parts for your vehicle is now possible, if not easier when you ship them with us. Depending on the type and size of the part, you can ship them with a balikbayan box, together with your vehicle, and for those larger, bulkier or odd-shaped, ship them separately with special handling. One final note: Don’t forget to check our blog for tips on how to properly pack a balikbayan box and how to prep your vehicle for shipment.

Cheers, everyone!

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