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One of the happiest moments for loved ones in the Philippines with relatives abroad is to receive that ubiquitous balikbayan box thru freight forwarding services. Although there is nothing like your actual presence back home, being surprised with the delivery of a balikbayan box is guaranteed to put more than just a smile on their faces! The items collected, purchased over time with hard-earned money, wrapped and sent via freight forwarding services is testament to the love. But before heading out to shop for them, here is a list of TOP 10 items to send to your family that what we think they would appreciate the most:

1. Toiletries

Those big packs of bath soap, body wash, lotion, shampoo and conditioner top the list. They are very useful. But a sprinkling of designer perfumes which go on sale in premium outlets and warehouse clubs in America which are quite pricey in Manila would be ideal for special occasions that you will missing.

Toiletries | Freight Forwarding Services | Metro Box Cargo

2. Linens

There is something about those fluffy towels and bedsheet sets from America. Send these and you will make your loved ones happy!

Linens | Freight Forwarding Services | Metro Box Cargo

3. Pots, Pans, Plates and Kitchen Appliances

Used everyday, you will be remembered during meal times. A new set of plates will add life to their everyday meals. Small kitchen appliances are high value presents too. Just be sure that they are auto volt as US voltage is usually 110v.

Kitchen Utensils | Freight Forwarding Services | Metro Box Cargo


4. Food

Chocolates top the list of favorite items to send and receive. Word of caution: US chocolates tend to melt easily, so you might want to rethink that. Instead you can send other grocery items like canned goods (READ: SPAM and CORNED BEEF), coffee, nuts, candy and cereals.

Chocolates | Freight Forwarding Services | Metro Box Cargo


5. Toys

What kid won’t go gaga over toys. The bigger the better for the younger set.

Toys | Freight Forwarding Services | Metro Box Cargo

6. Car Wax

Not often thought of as an item to send, these products are actually much appreciated in the Philippines.

Car Wax Product | Freight Forwarding Services | Metro Box Cargo


7. Shoes

If you know the size, imported shoes specially if they don’t have their size in Manila is a treasure. Don’t forget to send socks as well.

Shoes | Freight Forwarding Services | Metro Box Cargo

8. Bags

Wait until the outlets go on sale. Discounts go as high as 70% in many designer shops. Oh what a treat!

Bags | Freight Forwarding Services | Metro Box Cargo

9. T Shirts

One cannot have enough t-shirts. Send cotton shirts, plain or with design! Your relatives will thank you.

T-shirts | Freight Forwarding Services | Metro Box Cargo

10. Vitamins/Supplements/medicine

The US formulation is said to be more potent. Either that or we are simply biased towards anything “Stateside”.

Vitamins | Freight Forwarding Services | Metro Box Cargo

It takes a lot of money, time and effort to put together a box. Luckily it is easy to send and receive items via freight forwarding services. At MetroboxCargo, you can send your boxes conveniently. Drop off, call for pick up, door to door. Easy. They guarantee full customer satisfaction. You can even track your cargo online.

So go ahead: go the extra mile and make your relatives back home very happy. Send them these items which they will surely cherish and enjoy!

There is something about the scent that comes with the box. Happy scent that reminds us of all things american? Joy is not just in receiving but in giving. There is something about the filipino, everytime they see something they think of who the recipient will be

“Ito para kay….” ito magugustuhan ni….. At metrobox cargo, we make the process easy.