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Launching A New Store In The RSM Oriental

Rapidly expanding freight forwarding company in California, Metro Box Cargo opened their 4th branch at Island Pacific American Canyon. This opening came after only a few months since their recent launch of their 3rd branch at Elk Grove, extending their reach to the vast Filipino community one step at a time.

In addition they are now offering Money Remittance Service at all Island Pacific branches, bringing you closer to your family and friends with a quick and simple way to send money to the Philippines.

The opening of the new store and money remittance service is the fulfillment of Metro Box Cargo’s dedication to providing quality and trustworthy customer service to the Filipino community residing in California.

“We want to make sure that every OFW is getting more than their money’s-worth of service. What better way to do that than to open new stores and make ourselves available to them? We know how hard it is to be in a away from your loved ones to earn a living. Making sure that they are in turn, well taken care of through the services we provide is a simple way of repaying them for their hard work and perseverance. With us, they are in good hands,” said Egay Tajonera, Metro Box Cargo owner.

Metro Box Cargo is a North California based freight forwarding company that offers services in Balikbayan Boxes, vehicles, loose cargo, and returning residents’ shipments.

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