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Metro Box Cargo, Sending Warm Thanks and Appreciation

This Christmas Season, we at Metro Box Cargo were able provide quality service to a large number of the Overseas Filipino Workers’ community in the San Francisco Bay Area who hired us to deliver their Balikbayan Boxes to their loved ones in the Philippines.

As the one of the largest and trusted freight-service provider in the area, it is heart-warming to see old faces still coming in our doorsteps and continue to acquire our services. It is also very pleasant for us to see new customers who give us their trust through trying out the freight-forwarding services that we offer. Trust that the hard-earned investments you want to be sent home are in good hands, and are well-taken care of.

“Here at Metro Box Cargo, we understand the value of hard work and perseverance. We understand that each customer who comes in here to try out our services who work hard to send something home for their loved ones. We know how difficult it is to work in a different country and be apart from friends and family. So we make it a point that everyone who walks in here will be received with warmth, and will be provided with the kind of service they deserve. We hope everyone experiences the love and joy that this holiday season brings,” said Egay Tajonera, Metro Box Cargo owner.

As we celebrate this holiday, let us be reminded of this season’s true essence which is the joy of giving, sharing, and loving. It is with full hearts that we thank our old customers for continuously showing trust in what we do. Be assured that we will be carrying on the quality service that we provide continuously in more years to come.

We understand that Christmas and the New Year is a time to celebrate togetherness with the ones with love the most. But considering the seas that currently separate us, we do the most that we can in to make our love felt and known despite the distance. This is why we at Metro Box Cargo extend our warm appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone who let us play a part in giving love and sharing bountiful blessings to their families in the Philippines.

Whatever service you may have acquired from us, thank you for letting Metro Box Cargo be the bridge that delivers love and happiness to the homes of your friends and families. We are looking forward to another new year of providing your needs and bringing you quality service. Happy Holidays!

Metro Box Cargo is a freight-forwarding company based in San Francisco, California which services majority of the OFW community in the Bay Area. We offer a variety of services that include Balikbayan Box services, vehicle shipment, loose cargo shipment, and returning residents and cargo shipment. To know more about our offers and services, visit our website at

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