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Metro Box Cargo Team Visits The Recent Filipino Fiesta Events

The month of June is a special month for every Filipino. For starters, Filipinos celebrate three major events in June – the Philippine Independence Day, Father’s Day and the National Hero, Jose Rizal’s, birthday. Many Philippine towns also celebrate their town fiestas in the month of June, making it one of the most festive months of the year for Filipinos. The Metro Box Cargo Team also had its share of Filipino fiesta events even in the United States.

Last month, we let our readers know that we would be participating in various Filipino Fiesta Events in our area, headlined by the Independence Day festivities and the Filipino Fiesta of Sacramento. As two of the biggest Filipino events of the year, you can tell that the Metro Box Cargo Team was really excited to join the biggest Filipino Fiesta Events in California.

Pista sa Nayon

We started the Filipino Fiesta Events in California with a bang. The Pista sa Nayon in Vallejo, CA was reminiscent of the traditional fiestas that we used to have in the Philippines. We were thrilled to meet a lot of our Metro Box Cargo customers, and we can tell that they were elated to know that Filipinos were behind the company that brings them closer to their families in the Philippines. We got a chance to see comedienne Nanette Inventor and artist Mon David, a treat that made us feel a lot closer to home.

Filipino Fiesta of Sacramento

The following day, we made our way to Sacramento, CA for the Filipino Fiesta of Sacramento – A fiesta just like how we had it at home; complete with parades, singing contests, and of course – Filipinos dancing and singing along. It was a great chance for us to meet some of our loyal Metro Box Cargo customers. Once again, the team felt like we were where we were supposed to be – at home.

Philippine Independence Day Celebration

We celebrated the Philippine Independence Day a day earlier (11th of June) in Carson City, CA to celebrate with our fellow Filipinos in the Philippines, since the local time is 16 hours behind the local time in the Philippines. We had an awesome time meeting our fellow Filipinos, especially our guests – Miss World 2013 Megan Young, and the Binibining Pilipinas candidates. We were able to have a chat with several Metro Box Cargo customers, as well as other people who were interested in our services. We had a lot of fun exchanging stories with the people we met in Carson, and we had a chance to give away some of our Metro Box Cargo merchandise to let more people know about our services.

Adobo Festival

What better way to wrap up our Filipino heritage celebrations than to show our love for food? We went to Union City to celebrate The Adobo Festival. Filipinos love food, and we love our Adobo. The Adobo Festival featured lots of Filipino food and games, and to make it all complete, we had an Adobo cooking contest! Who would have imagined that there would be so many ways you can cook Adobo? We also had the pleasure of having Jessica Sanchez from the 11th season of American Idol as our guest. We had a chance to meet some of our customers, and we also had a lot of people in the festival who were interested in fast and affordable shipping to the Philippines. Hopefully, there would be a Sinigang festival next, since the Adobo Festival was awesome!

The Filipino Fiesta Events are some of the highlights of the year for our Metro Box Cargo Team. For Filipinos in the business of bringing a piece of the United States home to the Philippines, the Filipino Fiesta Events are one of the rare occasions when a piece of the Filipino spirit is brought to us to the United States. Like many of our customers, we share the same love for our family and heritage, and we show it with every parcel and balikbayan box that we deliver – with love and care.

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