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We Opened 2 New Branches in the Island Pacific

In 2014, there has been a total of 2.3 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) around the world–a number that continues to grow to this day. With the growing OFW community comes the hefty amount of remittances and packages that flow into the country.

Reports in 2012 revealed that 8 out of 100 OFWs are working in the United States alone. With this large number, OFWs in the US and their families in the Philippines are going to need a freight forwarding company that they can trust and depend on to deliver and receive all their shipping and remittance needs.

In their efforts to extend their quality and trustworthy freight forwarding services to more OFWs in the US, Metro Box Cargo opened two new stores in the Island Pacific chain of supermarkets.

The new store in Elk Grove, CA opened in September 12 to service the whole Sacramento Area. This Northern California branch offers door-to-door Balikbayan box deliveries, money remittance services and airline ticketing services.

Meanwhile, the new store in Canoga Park is equipped to service the whole Greater Metropolitan LA since it opened in September 26. Services offered in this branch include money remittances and door-to-door balikbayan services.

Licensed under the Non Vessel-Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), Metro Box Cargo is a trustworthy freight forwarding company dedicated to all of the shipping and remittance needs of the Filipino community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Generally, Metro Box Cargo offers services in:

Balikbayan Services

Have your Balikbayan boxes delivered to your loved one’s doorsteps or arrange for a pick-up service the easiest way possible.

Money Remittance

Need to send money to friends and family members back home? Such transfers are governed by complicated foreign exchange rules, banking laws, and money laundering laws. Money remittance services make it quick and easy to transfer money back to your familiy and friends in the Philippines.

Returning Residents

What’s a Kababayan to do when he decides to retire and move back home to the Philippines? Returning residents services provide options for shipping items to your homeland without damage or hassle. This includes meeting customs requirements and ensuring that everything arrives on time.

Vehicle Shipments

By Philippine Law, used vehicles can be shipped to the country by returning residents if they are for personal use and weigh no more than three tons. You need a shipment company understands the law, ensures that your shipment meets all requirements, and gets your vehicle safely back home.

Container Shipments

Regardless of the amount of the items you need to be shipped, Metro Box Cargo will match the container to be used for your items, ensure the transaction complies with applicable laws, and get your container shipment to its destination safely.

Metro Box Cargo is comprised of highly-trained, hardworking, and trustworthy team members ready to serve clients with their needs and satisfaction as priority. Metro Box Cargo is dedicated in going the extra mile to deliver the fruits of your labor from California to the Philippines.

To know more about Metro Box Cargo and their services, you can visit their website at, or contact them through 1-855-355-6387.

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