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Make Christmas Merrier with Metro Box’s BalikBayan Box Services

Freight forwarding company, Metro Box Cargo is about to make Christmas merrier to the Overseas Filipino Workers’ (OFW’s) families back in the Philippines. As Christmas time approaches, clients all over San Francisco Bay are running to Metro Box Cargo to have their BalikBayan boxes shipped with love to the ones they love.

All the BalikBayan boxes brought in by our clients are already set to be delivered to the homes of their wonderful friends and family to make it in time for the festivities. As the Christmas rush and padalahan season still continues to take place, Metro Box Cargo is working double, even triple-time to do good in their promise to deliver all shipments to their destinations before it’s time to gather and celebrate Noche Buena.

Metro Box Cargo thanks all the loyal customers who keep coming back to subscribe to their services, and continue to invest trust in them, that their hard-earned packages will be brought to the homes of their friends and families. New customers who tried Metro Box Cargo’s services should be assured that all their transactions are secure, and that they are in good hands.

“At Metro Box Cargo, we take pride in being consistent with putting customer satisfaction first. To ensure this, we make it a point that the transactions they do with us are quick, easy, and smooth at a pocket-friendly price. We want to express how much we value our customers by making sure that everyone who walks into our stores will receive no less than the warm and hospitable service they deserve.” Metro Box Cargo owner, Egay Tajonera said.

Be assured that with Metro Box Cargo, you will be provided with all your needs and more.

Metro Box Cargo is a freight forwarding company trusted by majority of the OFW community with its 11 stores all over the San Francisco Bay area.

Metro Box Cargo simply doesn’t stop at safely delivering precious BalikBayan Boxes to your loved one’s doorsteps, but they also offer services for money remittance, returning residents, vehicle shipments, and container shipments.

To know more about MetrBoxCargo and their services, you can visit their website at, or contact them through 1-855-355-6387.

How will you send your love to your friends and family this Christmas season? Share it with us on the comments section below.

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