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40 Gift Ideas To Send Your “Gradweyts” in the Philippines

It’s Graduation Season! The young ones are putting on their robes and caps, ready to walk down that aisle as their names are called on the stage. While you may only witness the ceremony from the photos and videos they share on social media, it doesn’t mean you can’t be part of their moving-up or completion of studies. A gift can represent your appreciation and support for them as you congratulate their achievements; choosing what best represents them or their interests will deliver your message of love to their hearts.

Here’s a complete guide of gift ideas to send your “Gradweyts” in the Philippines:


For the young children entering the formal school life after prep and kindergarten, this is an important stage in their life where they develop their skills and interests.

  1. The new generation of kids need at least a Basic Smartphone for communication purposes.

  2. Teach them how to save money while they’re still young with a Digital Piggy Bank.

  3. Get them a Camping or Sleepover Kit for when they go on field trips or have slumber parties.

  4. Have them ready for the new school year with School Supplies and Art Crafts.

  5. High quality Backpacks are ideal so they can use it up until they finish school.

  6. Encourage them to explore nature and the outdoors with a Kid’s Scooter or a Mini Bicycle.

  7. Help them explore their creative talents with a Musical Instrument of their choice.

  8. Introduce Board Games or Ball Sports they can play in groups.

  9. For the avid readers, try giving them a Book Collection of their favorite stories.

  10. Since young children tend to miss their family more, send them a Photo Album or a Picture Frame with a family collage.


The kids are entering their teenage years; this is the time they need to pay a little more attention to themselves in terms of physical grooming and taking care of their mental health. This could be the time they want to experience new things and make memories.

  1. Send them a Toiletry Bag filled with basic Skincare Products and Cleansing Tools

  2. You can also send Hypoallergenic Makeup or Shaving Kits for extra beauty and grooming needs.

  3. Introduce what could be their signature Perfume or something light like a Cologne.

  4. Make their dental hygiene routine easier with an Electric Toothbrush.

  5. Teach them how to look presentable by using a Portable Clothes Steamer.

  6. Keep their environment or bedroom smelling fresh and relaxing with a Scented Candle or a Reed Diffuser.

  7. Let them listen to their favorite tunes with Noise-cancelling Headphones or Wireless Earbuds.

  8. Go paper-free on books by getting them an E-Reader Tablet.

  9. When they’re out with their friends, a Portable Charger is useful so they can stay connected throughout the day.

  10. Have the teenagers preserve their high school memories on film with an Instant Print Camera.


Help them learn how to do “grown-up” things, like looking after themselves without much dependence on other people. These prepare them if they decide to enter dorm life in college.

  1. College students need a Journal or Planner to organize their schedule and to-do lists.

  2. Since a lot of teenagers this age love to travel and often go back home for the holidays, get them a nice Weekender Bag or a Suitcase.

  3. Encourage them to stay fit with a Fitness Tracker and At-Home Gym Equipment.

  4. Give them a basic Cookbook to teach them how to feed themselves with real food and not junk food.

  5. Popular in the U.S. is the Instant Pot, perfect for cooking in the dorm.

  6. Campus life calls for the need of Extension Cords and Adaptors, together with Wireless Charger or Long Cable Cords for different gadgets.

  7. Speaking of gadgets, every modern college student needs a Laptop or Tablet to access all their modules and do classwork.

  8. When they do finish their classwork on the computer, they’ll need their very own Printer or Copier to submit to their professors.

  9. For their all-nighters or morning fix, get them an instant Coffee Maker, with Coffee Grounds or Tea Leaves.

  10. Living in a dorm needs a good sense of cleanliness so get them brand-new Bedsheets, fresh Towels or Robes.


This is the last stage for the children who are no longer kids. They are now fine young adults going out to face the world. Out with all the toys and in with the “serious” needs for the #Adulting life.

  1. Remind them to drink water with a Hydro Flask Tumbler.

  2. Get them a business attire like ready-made Blazer and Trousers or Skirt, with a Leather Watch.

  3. A Personalized Card Holder to keep their own business cards or collect other people’s contacts can be very fancy.

  4. Give them a powerful Camera, that is not a smartphone so they can capture memories without any other digital distractions.

  5. Congratulate them with a Vegan Leather Wallet, that contains Gift Cards of their favorite brands.

  6. Try a custom Jewelry or a Family Heirloom that they can wear and pass down to the next generations.

  7. For the ultimate adult, get them a Toolkit they can actually use for simple repairs.

  8. Take them to the future with a Virtual Assistant Enabled Speaker, that connect to the Internet and play the latest news or their favorite music aloud.

  9. Take it up a notch with a fancy Bottle of Wine to celebrate their graduation.

  10. Last, but not the least can be a simple yet Thoughtful Card or a Handwritten Letter from the heart.

Trust Metro Box Cargo to make sure that your gifts reach your “gradweyts” in one piece. Our goal is to provide a personalized and customized service that fits the needs of our customers in the San Francisco Bay Area to the Philippines. We will always go the extra mile for you, no matter how big or small we accomplish. Our licensed drivers and forwarders will take care of your package and secure them until their final destination.

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